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Managing Your Allotment - Tips - Compost - Accelerating

Compost - making your own -accelerating compost - by adding almost finished compost to the current compost bin.

Compost is a cornerstone of every allotment plot - essentail for healthy, fertile and productive soil.

Every plot should have at least one compost bin - preferably two or three.

I compost all of the weeds and finished crops on my plot. The only exception is foliage from blighted potatoes and tomatoes - these need to be disposed of in the general rubbish bin - or burned - to avoid spreading the blight spores.

I also compost my kitchen waste at home.

Accelerating Compost

It is a good idea to have at least two compost bins - both on the allotment and in the garden at home.

Bin one can be emptied when the compost is finished and ready to be spread on the growing beds.

Bin two - your "live" bin - to which weeds and kitchen waste have been added when available - can then be emptied into bin one. This will mix up and aerate the compost material - helping it to rot down into compost better and faster.

Top up bin one with a layer of the finished compost - then put the lid on and leave.

Continue to add waste material to bin two. Then - every so often - add a layer of the maturing compost from bin one. This will introduce worms, insects and microbes that will accelate composting.


Accelerating Compost - Gallery - click on any image to enlarge
Compost Bin Compost Bin
Compost Bin Compost Bin
Compost Bin Compost Bin
Compost Bin Compost Bin
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