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Encourage pollinating wild bees and bumble bees on your allotment plot or in your garden - with bee houses and bee boxes - bees play an important role pollinating your vegetable and fruit crops.

Bees on the allotment are a very good thing - both for the individual allotment grower and for the whole allotment site. They play a key role in pollinating vegetable and fruit crops - helping to improve yields.

Some allotment sites and individual plot holders maintain bee hives - with the additional benefit of a crop of honey. However - this requires expertise and experience that is beyond most allotment growers.

But - what everyone can do is encourage bees onto their plot. The flowers of your crops alone will do this - you can add to this by growing flowers amongst your vegetables, on spare beds and around the edges of your plot.

You can also foster and encourage wild bees and bumble bees by finding space for bee houses / bee boxes. These could be both on your allotment and at home in the garden.

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