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Allotment Growing - Turnips

Allotment Crops - How To Grow Turnips

Allotment Growing - how to grow turnips - ground preparation - sowing in spring or summer - growing - harvesting - storing and using the crop

Turnips belong to the Brassica family of crops (cabbages, cauliflowers etc.) rather than the Roots and Onions family (carrots, leeks etc.).

So - if you use crop rotation on your allotment plot - they should be sown and grown in the Brassica bed.

They can be sown in Spring or Summer - for a succession of crops through to late Autumn.

Harvest when small and sweet - or grow on to full size and harvest for use in Winter soups and stews.



Sowing and Growing Turnips

Prepare the ground by hoeing out any weeds and levelling with a rake.

Mark out the rows with string - with rows about 8 inches apart. Use a hoe or trowel to draw a shallow drill - about half an inch deep.

If the weather is dry - water the drill before sowing.

Sprinkle the seeds thinly along the drill and backfill - add a plant lable with variety and date sown.

It might be worth repeating the watering after a few days if you happen to have a dry spell of weather and you have (like me) well draining soil. Keep the plants well watered as they grow on

The seeds should germinate in two to three weeks - depending on the weather and the season.

They will need thinning out once established - leaving a gap of four to six inches between each turnip plant.

You can start harvesting them six to ten weeks after sowing.

Growing Turnips - Gallery - click on any image to enlarge
Sowing and Growing Turnips Sowing and Growing Turnips
Sowing Turnips Sowing Turnips
Sowing and Growing Turnips Sowing and Growing Turnips
Sowing Turnips Sowing Turnips
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