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Allotment Growing - Allotment Blog

Allotment Calendar - November - Sowing Autumn Peas

Allotment growing - allotment calendar - Autumn - November - autumn sown peas - for an early spring crop.

Peas are one of the crops that you can sow in Autumn - for an early crop in Spring.

Its good to have something growing on the allotment through Winter - it gives me something to look forward to and cheers me up through the dreary months.

I must admit that I've had mixed results with Autumn sown peas - much depending on the weather. Still worth trying though. Pea seeds are relatively cheap - and you can always sow more in Spring. You might protect the seedlings from weather and birds with fleece or net tunnel.

It is important to sow a variety suitable for Autumn sowing.
One that I have sown in October is Meteor.

Prepare the ground by hoeing out any weeds and levelling with a rake. You might also dig a Bean Trench (just as useful for peas as beans) to promote growth.

Mark out the rows with string - two double rows about 18 inches apart. Use a dibber to make a hole 2 inches deep, drop a seed in and cover with soil. Leave a gap of about 4 inches then plant the next seed. Continue sowing to the end of the row and then repeat for the other rows.

Finally water in well and add a plant label with details of the seed and date. It might be worth repeating the watering after a few days if you happen to have a dry spell of weather and you have (like me) well draining soil.

The seeds should germinate in 2 to 3 weeks - depending on the weather. They will then grow on through the winter.

Sowing Peas - Gallery - click on any image to enlarge
Allotment Crops - Peas Allotment Crops - Peas
Peas Peas
Allotment Crops - Peas Allotment Crops - Peas
Peas Peas
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