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Allotment Growing - Allotment Blog

Allotment Calendar - November - Digging A Bean Trench

If you are planning to sow beans in Spring it is worth preparing the ground by digging a bean trench in Autumn.

Simply - a trench about a spade deep, filled with organic material then backfilled with soil. Placed along the planned row of bean seeds.

This will help all types of bean to grow and produce a heavier crop - Broad Beans, Runner Beans, French Beans or any other.

It will add nutrients to the soil and help to retain moisture as it rots down over Winter. This is of particular benefit for beans as they thrive on nutrient rich soil and need plenty of water. It is also worth doing for peas - but not for root crops such as potatoes, carrots and onions.

The organic material added could be kitchen waste, compost, manure, grass cuttings or anything else that will rot down. You could add some chicken manure pellets as well to add even more nutrients. You could also line the bottom of the ternch with newspaper to further aid moisture retention. Don't forget to mark out the position of the trench with sticks - so you know where it is when it comes to Spring sowing.

A simple but satisfying job for Autumn

Bean Trench - Gallery - click on any image to enlarge
Bean Trench - dig a trench one spade deep Bean Trench - fill with organic matter
Dig a trench one spade deep. Fill with organic matter.
Bean Trench - backfill the trench with soil Bean Trench - mark out with sticks
Backfill the trench with soil. Mark out with sticks.
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